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National Club Championships Week 3 Results

June 25

Bulls, RedSharks, Portmore and Spanish Town record wins.

Redsharks 44 def. Dragons 10

Redsharks: Tries: Fabion Turner (2), Kenneth Walker, Jenson Morris (3), Miguel Facey (3). Conversion: Adrian Brown (4)

Dragons: Tries: Joseph Mitchell, Decorey Wignall, Conversion: Adrian Hall

Placed on report: Decorey Wignal

Referee: Kemoy Whyte, Touch Judges: None

Vikings 14 def. Hyenas 12

Vikings: Tries: Shannoy Bailey, Tahj-Jay Lynch, Joseph Bailey Conversion: Towayne Campbell

Hyenas: Kamarine Williams (2), Eric Groves (2)

Referee: Andrew Dixon: Touch Judges:

Bulls 42 def. JDF 16

Bulls: Tries: Orlando Messado, Oshane Edie, Delano Smith (2), Ronaldeni Fraser, Shaneal Brown, Adolph Gayle. Conversion (7).

JDF: Tries: Courtney Dennis, Devon Thomas, Romario Wright Con: Nicolai Kennedy (2)

Referee: Rajiv Haughton, Touch Judges: Andrew Dixon and Dario Dowie.

Points Table

Duhaney Park RedSharks 9pts

Washington Blvd 6pts

JDF Warriors 3pts

West Kingston Hyenas 3pts

Portmore RL Club 3pts

Liguanea Dragons 3pts

Young Crocs 0pts

Spanish Town Vikings 3pts

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