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RLJ Chairman Andrew Dixon Welcomes New 2024 Year Message

Updated: Jan 7

"On behalf of Rugby League Jamaica, I use this opportunity to wish you, our members and affiliates safety, peace and prosperity as we embark on a new year.

Each new year brings reflection and anticipation. Reflection on the challenges and accomplishments experienced during the past year and the  anticipation of achievements in this new year.

As we embrace 2024, we do not expect the challenges faced to disappear, but we continue to strengthen our confidence with the experiences gained. Every obstacle faced, and accomplishments achieved, have only made us stronger. 

We are committed to overcoming more challenges while anticipating more achievements throughout this 2024. We are excited about the year ahead as we look forward to celebrating 20 years since we were established in 2004. Despite the difficulties which may lie ahead, we aim to achieve more in 2024.

Happy New Year  to all our valued RLJ Members, Supporters, and Partners!"

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