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RLJ:D2 Launches for 2023

Season 2023 of the Rugby League Jamaica Division 2 kicks off on December 9th.

The flagship expansion competition in Jamaica welcomes 8 teams this season, who will face off in two groups for a spot in the Grand Final on February 3rd.

Teams will compete in two groups, with four teams in each.

In Group A, St Bess Sledgehammers, Mona Pelicans, Duhaney Park Firestorm and the Liganea Dragons will face off.

Group B consists of the Washington Boulevard Bulls, Kingston Knights, Cedar grove Cyclones the Thundercats.

The Firestorm are the early favourites to top the group after an impressive run in the 2022 tournament, but surprises are never far away in RLJ:D2.

The Sledgehammers from St Elizabeth return for what might be a final season, before their step up to the 2024 NCC competition. The fantastic development work that has been done in St Elizabeth over previous years setting them up for a step up. This will be a chance for the Sledgehammers to get a good look at their developing talent.

For the first time, the Mona Pelicans, previously a feeder side to the Liganea Dragons, will instead compete against them. Brotherly love, or the makings of a new rivalry? We will find out at kick off. The Pelicans are expected to draw from the highly competitive Campion College programme, whilst the Dragons will blood some of their wider talent group.

Group B will be equally as competitive, with St Catherine and Kingston teams taking the field;

The returning Cedar Grove Cyclones, feeder to the Portmore NCC team will be many peoples tip to win the group, with their talent base from the Cedar Grove Academy growing after another year.

The Kingston Knights, who feed the West Kingston Hyenas NCC side could be the suprise of the competition, with the West Kingston programme accelerating in producing quality players in recent years.

Both sides will need to be on their game to take out the group through, with the Thundercats from St Catherine, and the Washington Boulevard Bulls, NCC finalists, also showcasing some of their talent.

Following a few years of turmoil after teh pandemic, the RLJ:D2 2023 season loos set ot be the best yet!

Rugby League Jamaica Vice Chairman, Adrian Hall said

“The RLJ:D2 should be the best yet. We continue to grow our footprint in this expansion competition and give young and developing players a genuine pathway to top level Rugby League.

We expect a tough contest and some new starts of our game to emerge.

2023 will be a showcase for emerging Jamaican talent which you can catch through our social media, or at”

The season culminates in the Grand final, played on February 3rd.

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