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BB Coke

The 2023-2024 high school Girl’s rugby league got under way on Friday October 20 with the staging of the Andre Hill 9’s at The Cedar Grove Academy. The tournament was proudly sponsored by educator Andre Hill, a former teacher at Ascot High School who was one of the founders of Girls High school rugby league.


Four schools participated in the tournament, BB Coke High, Norman Manley High, The Cedar Grove Academy and Innswood High. The competition was run on a round robin format. BB Coke High emerged as winners after going undefeated in all three games. Innswood finished second with two wins, Norman Manley third with one win and a draw and host Cedar Grove were forth.

Cedar Grove

Winning Coach Kamar Findlay said, “I am every excited about the win. The girls promise to deliver the trophy back to B.B. Coke as a redemption to losing the finals of the club championship. It is a proud moment for the school, stake holders and wider community.

Norman Manley

Wining a second 9s title is an indication that we have a program that is progressive and strong. Wining this title is a huge confidence boaster for our girls to do a lot more where rugby league is concerned. It has already sparked a healthy Competition between them and the male team as they both are trying to outdo each other in terms of the number of wins and trophies for the 2023 season.”

Full results

Norman Manley 24 def TCGA 4

BB Coke 28 def TCGA 0

TCGA 8 D Innswood 8

BB Coke 12 def Norman Manley 8

BB Coke 16 def Innswood 8

Norman Manley 24 def Innswood 8

RLJ Director of Women Rugby League Antonio Baker said, “It was a good tournament to see the skill set of our high school girls. It’s up to us to continue to build the program and help these girls transition to club and national team selections as the talent on display was phenomenal.”

Two additional 9s are scheduled for December and February respectively and also a one day 13s competition. If your school is interested in rugby league, please contact us.

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